Ancillaries for all of our Vertical Panel Saws

Dust Extractor:

FX50-800-240/110 – High vacuum, Low airflow type suitable for all our units.

There are two types of dust extraction:   high airflow/low vacuum, and high vacuum/low airflow. Every time you get a change of pipe direction or diameter, it is inherent in the use of machines like vertical panel saws that you get a pressure drop. Therefore a high vacuum/low airflow extractor is by a long way the most effective. Our units come with the necessary additional length of hose to make a complete installation. In addition they have an electronic autostart, to ensure that dust extraction is operative at all times.



The Festool saw motors come with a general purpose blade, but to get quality cuts we offer high quality blades with very hard carbide so they need infrequent sharpening, and with additional carbide on each blade, this allows additional capacity for extensive re-sharpening.

STC blades – High quality Triple chip blades (size provided to suit range of saw).

Designed as a good quality general purpose blade which will cut all timber based materials and most signmaking materials, including Corex, Foamex, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Dibond, Aluminium etc.

SHB blades – High bevel blades (size provided to suit range of saw)

Designed for single blade cutting of difficult materials such as melamine faced chipboard and veneered boards. Whilst a perfect edge cannot be guaranteed, it is arguably the best available on the market with single blade cutting. The additional benefit is that it can be easily sharpened and reinstalled, which has always been a problem with the hollow ground blades.

Ripcut Gauge:

Designed for those who need to cut a whole series of strips along the length of the sheet, allowing the operator to reference from the top edge of the sheet. This means you do not have to remove the sheet after each cut (necessary with bottom edge referencing), and represents good value for those who require this application.



Cleankut knife cutting accessory: For use with the ZK range only

The Cleankut knife head offers users an additional option to using a saw motor. Designed mainly for signmakers, it cuts foam and corrugated boards across the full length of the sheet, dust free. It uses the standard stops for fast repeat cuts in an easy and safe operation, and is an attractively priced optional extra.


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