Evolution Windows choose to evolve their cutting machinery with a KK12

Evolution Windows choose to evolve their cutting machinery with a KK12


Company Name: Evolution Windows

What do they do? Evolution Windows specialize in providing a unique customer experience which adheres to Evolution’s exacting principles. Their luxury, bespoke windows are designed using specialist knowledge and the finest materials and craftsmanship. Their focus is to provide the ultimate next generation window. Each order is bespoke to individual needs, want and requirements by using the best materials.

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? Evolution Windows have been aware of Sagetech Machinery for a while before deciding to investigate new machinery. They had seen various magazine editorials over the years so when they needed to start looking into a vertical panel saw, Sagetech Machinery was one of the first places to start looking. 

Why did they decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw? When Evolution Windows got in touch with the team and decided to research a new wall saw, their main reason was their need to cut frames and sills for the windows that they create. They were cutting their wood by hand or using a circular saw which was very labour intensive. After looking at the Sagetech Machinery range of Vertical Panel Saws, they realised that not only could they comfortably cut the frames and sills they needed but that the new machine could also allow them to cut down their doors also.

How did they find the sales and installation process? The Evolution Windows team decided on an approved used KK12 and were very happy with the whole process. They had seen the used machine on the Sagetech Machinery website and as they were limited on budget, felt that the overall package price fitted within the money they had available and would act as a fantastic first step into Vertical Panel Saw cutting. The overall package included delivery, installation and training as do all of the Sagetech Machinery approved used machines. The whole process was completed quickly and efficiently, with delivery one day, installation the next and then the final day of training. By the end of the week, the team were fully trained and cutting away.

How has a Vertical Saw benefitted their business? They no longer need to be crouched over a circular saw for multiple hours. It has significantly reduced the labor intensity and man hours required on their previous method meaning that only one person needs to use the machine, freeing up time for other members to complete other jobs.