Gordonstoun School teaching new generation with a new ZM12

Gordonstoun School teaching new generation with a new ZM12


Company Name: Gordonstoun School

What do they do? With some famous pupils both past and present, Gordonstoun School is an independent boarding school based in the North of Scotland. It was their Design and Technology department which has enquired about a machine for their pupils to utilize the wood cut, on smaller machines.

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? They had been online researching panel saws and came across the Vertical Panel Saw website on google.

Why did they decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw? The school had been investigating a Vertical Panel Saw for around six months but they had held off on buying due to restricted budgets in their department. The main contact for the school Robert stated “we noticed a particular promotion offering a special deal on black Friday. This reduced the cost just enough for me to persuade our bursa to sign of the purchase”. 

How did they find the sales and installation process? “ Brilliant! From the initial enquiry to the delivery and installation, I cannot fault their process”. School Contact Robert Rankin. 

How has a Vertical Saw benefitted them and their business? They are able to show their students the potential and importance of working with wood and items that can be made from it. Now that they are able to cut the wood down on the panel saw for the pupils to use on other machines, they can see the benefit of utilizing smaller offcuts and reducing their waste. They are able to teach the students many other skills around woodworking.