SmithField Timber

SmithField Timber choose reliability for their Customers

Company Name – Smithfield Timber

Who are Smithfield Timber? We are a North East family based Timber Merchant that provide various type of materials and services to the Teeside area as well as further afield. We have been established for over 25 years and have two sites. Our most common deliveries are for decking, fencing materials, shed building materials, timber cutting, skirting and worktops to name a few.

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery? Last year we had received some brochures into our premises and kept them on file. When we realized we needed to upgrade our Safety Speed Cut, the leaflet was to hand and we called Sagetech Machinery first.

Why did you purchase a new Vertical Panel Saw? We were previously using a Safety Speed cut which we traded in for our KF16. We had outgrown the Safety Speed Cut in both size and reliability for cutting the amount of sheets we required, as our demand had increased in the 7 years we owned the machine. We had to replace the motor on our old saw as it was not capable of coping with the demand and decided we need a larger and more robust saw.

How did you find the process from initial enquiry to purchasing your machine? FAULTLESS. I spoke to Craig who was really helpful and discussed a few different machine options with me. He did me a great deal on the KF16 and we ordered the machine straight away, maybe within a couple of days of first speaking with Craig. As we ordered just before Christmas, we waited a few week for delivery of the machine which worked well for both of us.

How did you find the Delivery and Installation Process? I was on holiday when the machine was delivered and installed but I got excellent feedback from the boys and no one had any complaints or anything negative to say about it.

What benefits have you seen from the machine since having it installed?  It’s so much more reliable. It isn’t burning the mdf which we were having problems with, with the Safety Speed Cut. The motor wasn’t strong enough for the material we are using whereas with the Vertical Panel Saw, it is, so we aren’t having that problem anymore. We can comfortably cut the sheets we need in line with our demand and it gives us more reliability for our customers.