Engraver Case Study 2

The Spotted Moon Company expand their personalised range with Sagetech Engraver.

Company Name: Spotted Moon 

What do they do? 

The Spotted Moon Gift Company provides personalised, engraved gifts for customers across the UK. Based in Norfolk,  they create bespoke, high-quality engraved gifts for special occasions which reflect the unique nature of the celebration and provide a memento to treasure.  

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? 
They had come across Sagetech Machinery at the Trophex exhibition which they attended in January at Sandown Park. They came to the stand and discussed the engraver and how it could work for their company. They were so impressed with what they saw, that they voted for Sagetech Machinery for the award for Best Product for Personalisation, which they went on to win. 

Why did they decide to purchase a Desktop Engraver? 
They have many other products that they sell with personalization including glasses which they used a laser engraver for. They had been looking for a traditional engraver to give them a different finish and to be able to bring some new products to their portfolio. The price of the engraver really appealed to them as it fitted within their budget and felt that, with all of the features they had witnessed at the exhibition, it would be a fantastic addition to their company.

How did they find the sales and installation process? 
Fantastic. The Sagetech Machinery team arrived early on the morning of delivery and installation and wasted no time in getting the machine installed. The machine was placed

into their workshop, at their premises in Norfolk.  Due to the nature of the engraver and the additional software and equipment that is provided with it, they felt that the installation would have taken longer than it did, which was a great surprise.  The training was fantastic and covered the machine and its software in great detail, allowing them to start using the machine and creating their products, straight away. 

How has the Desktop Engraver benefitted them and their business? They had new designs in mind when they purchased the engraver including the expansion of their personalized door signs and more wooden engraved items. Since having the engraver installed, they have been able to begin the process of planning and launching this range, alongside others.