CNC Gantry Series


The desktop CNC router engraving gantry CNC series from Sagetech Machinery, is available in two models the GE40 and the GE50. The GE40 has a max working height of 70mm compared to 100mm on the GE50. The working area of the GE40 is 410mm x 460mm compared to a larger working area on the G50 of 500mm x 760mm.  Both machines are suitable to engrave with acrylic and ABS, plastic, wood, foam, wax model, styrofoam, EVA foam, epoxy, rubber, soft metals, PCB, etc… It is a must machine for businesses to operate a gantry CNC machine in house!


Our engraver is supplied with a brand new copy of the VECTRIC  VCARVE DESKTOP software. VCarve includes the functionality demanded for complex work while remaining incredibly easy to use. The software is used by cabinet makers, wood workers, sign makers, prop makers, plastic fabricators, hobbyists and in many other applications. VCarve provides a comprehensive set of drawing and editing tools to let you easily create vectors from scratch however you can also import 2D designs from other programs. Advanced Text Tools let you access True Type or Open Type fonts on your PC to create text outlines for your design.

GE40: Machine size: 630 x 635 x 465mm  –    Table size: 554mm x 600mmm

Cut area: X 410mm x Y 460 mm x Z 70mm

Brushless 150 watt DC motor for low noise and longer expectancy.

Max Engraving Speed 2500mm/min

Max Spindle Speed 17000 RPM Variable

GE50: Machine size: 815 x 990 x 50mm  –    Table size: 663mm x 900mmm

Cut area: X 500mm x Y 760 mm x Z 100mm

Brushless 200 watt DC motor for low noise and longer expectancy.

Max Engraving Speed 2500mm/min

Max Spindle Speed 20000 RPM Variable

Larger model for safe operation, ideal for education, workshop, business, production.

Works with any PC computer running Windows XP or newer.

Use with hardwoods, softwoods, exotic woods and many synthetic materials such as Acrylic and ABS, plastic, foam, modeling wax, styrene, epoxy board. Ideal for use with white, brown and clear acrylic to create highly detailed carvings. Endless possibilities in what you can create, use images from digital Photos, CAD drawings, computer generated art programs, scanned images.

And more important it includes a simple straight-forward common platform software package.