Desktop Engraving For Everyone From Schools To Research Programmes

Desktop Engraving
Desktop Engraving makes a great addition to the design and technology departments of educational establishments all over the world. At Sagetech Machinery Limited, we have designed a table top engraver that is suitable for teachers to be able to demonstrate to pupils and easy enough for students to learn and practise with along with other industrial woodworking machinery. They have been applied to research programmes for designing and making moulds for use in manufacturing and engineering. The machines are used for 2D & 3D engraving, drilling, carving, milling, cutting, and can be used with softwoods, hardwoods, exotic woods, and many synthetic materials plastic, foam soft metal and acrylics.

 Woodworking Machinery That Creates Fine Lines And Bold Statements

Desktop Engravers are a versatile instrument in the production of personalised gifts such as memory boxes, door plaques, food servers, tool trays, engravings from photographs, and decorative household items. They have been used in sign making for pubs, restaurants, shops and hotels for indoor and outdoor signage, and artists use them for sculptures and decorative pieces art. With desktop engraving the possibilities go on and on from engraved awards, to plaques and trophies.  In one case study an engraver was used to make the parts of a form of light aircraft, showing complete trust and commitment to the engraver and the study.

 Industrial Woodworking Machinery You Can Believe In With Sagetech Machinery Limited

At Sagetech Machinery Limited, our desktop engraver is designed for completely safe operation as the cutting area is fully encased, so it is ideal for education. It has a cutting area of 300mm x 300mm x 100mm and brushless 150-watt DC motor, making it low noise and with longer life expectancy.

It works with any PC computer running Windows XP or newer. Our desktop CNC router is not only for small woodworking projects, but also for acrylic and ABS lathophane, EVA foam, Styrofoam, modelling wax, plastic, and soft metal. It’s able to create desktop engraving for products like tooling boards, toolboxes, tiny ornaments or icons, and miscellaneous artworks. Our engraver is supplied with a brand-new copy of the VECTRIC, VCARVE DESKTOP software. Learn more at or call us on +44 (0)191 691 3044.