We design and developed the mini CNC machinery mainly for R&D product samples, design moulding for workshops, education in industrial design, amatuers in general, or industrial carving. The machines are capable of processing, carving, milling, drilling, cutting, 2D & 3D engraving, and we also add a game pad to the machines to locate the spindle, which is simple and suitable for beginners, the best helper to team up with.

Our desktop CNC router is not only for small woodworking projects, but also for acrylic and ABS lathophane, EVA foam, styrofoam, modeling wax, plastic, soft metal. It’s able to carve products like tooling boards, toolboxes, tiny ornaments or icons and miscelaneous artworks, and has also been featured teaching equipment in various  high schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

Our engraver is supplied with a brand new copy of the VECTRIC  VCARVE DESKTOP software.

Table size: 450mmx 440mm

Cut area: X 300mm x Y 300 mm x Z 100mm

Brushless 150 watt DC motor for low noise and longer expectancy.

Small desktop model for safe operation, ideal for education.

Works with any PC computer running Windows XP or newer.

Belt-driven, standardised modular designed, all cables wrapped inside the case, better security and sustainable compliance.

Use with hardwoods, softwoods, exotic woods and many synthetic materials such as Acrylic and ABS, plastic, foam, modeling wax, styrene, vepoxy board. Ideal for use with white, brown and clear acrylic to create highly detailed carvings. Endless possibilities in what you can create, use images from digital Photos, CAD drawings, computer generated art programs, scanned images.

And more important it includes a simple straight-forward common platform software package.


1. Power Cord    2. USB 2.0 Cable

3. Controller 4. Clamp Set (Big x2, Small x2)

5. Allen Key 6. Silicone Mat

7. Thin Paper 8. BravoProdigy  Software Installation Disc

9. Support Pad (0.5mm Ball Nose x1) (Brown Acrylic x1)

10. Cutting Tool 11. Engraving Material

12. Operating Instructions (0.5 mm Conical Radius x1) (White Acrylic x1)

13. ER11 Collets (Metric)