Why Sagetech?

Why a Sagetech Vertical Panel Saws?

Our Range of Saws are aimed at individuals through to large companies, so are all single phase and offer value for money over our more expensive competitors.

  • Designed to be economical but value for money solution
  • Designed to meet needs of the smaller business, undertaking less onerous cutting requirements.


Each range has been developed to suit specific end user requirements. We are happy to spend time talking you through the range most suitable for you! In the UK we encourage customers to visit us for a demonstration prior to purchase, or we will try to find a suitable installation nearby that they can visit.

Sagetech saws are available in sizes catering for all popular woodworking and signmaking sheet sizes. They cut wood products, acrylic, aluminium composite, corex, foamex and non-ferrous metals. Various accessories are available, catering to your customer’s specific requirements.

Features of Vertical Panel Saws:

  • Use a frame inclined (CE standard 15% off vertical)
  • Sheet long edge mounted on lower supports
  • Comprise back frame to support panel and front guide to support cutting head at fixed distance from back frame
  • All work with saw head lowering down guide to cross cut
  • Heads rotate for longitudinal cutting
  • Many cheaper units can only achieve length cutting by the operator pushing the sheets through the machine, negating much of the space saving benefits. By contrast the Sagetech moving column European design units cut the panels within their own length
  • Machines offer plunge cutting
  • We offer fully portable machines.


Benefits of Vertical Panel Saws:

  • Save space
  • Safer
  • Faster
  • One man operation
  • Moves the tool, not the workpiece – benefits:
    –                 heavy work pieces
    –                 reduces the risk of surface damage
    –                 easier with high flex materials
  • Easier workpiece handling in the vertical
  • Change over from rip to cross-cut faster
  • Can do bevels