Industrial Woodworking Machinery That Meets The Needs Of Your Company

Industrial Woodworking Machinery
Industrial woodworking machinery specialists, Sagetech Machinery Limited, are UK based and can provide everything your company needs to get ahead of the game. Sagetech boasts a range of vertical panel saws in a variety of sizes, with cutting capabilities that make them suitable for a variety of different industries. Prices are affordable and highly competitive with brands such as Holzher or the Striebig Panel Saw, you can even purchase a used wall saw for sale at a lower cost to get your business started. From small or newly formed businesses to larger industrial business, we have a sheet cutting solution to suit all and with finance options that help businesses to ease cash flow whilst their new machinery speeds up production.

Feature Rich Wall Saws Are Essential Woodworking Machinery

All our vertical panel saws, which can be seen at the W18 exhibition, cut a wide range of materials including woods, plastics, foam board, and MDF. They are all capable of making both horizontal and vertical cuts as the saw head moves in both directions, the power head, mounted on a moving column, rotates 90 degrees, and the sheet remains still. Some industrial woodworking machinery on the market only offers a cross cut capability whilst for the rip cut the sheet has to be pushed through the machine, these cannot offer the same level of accuracy and take up more space. With Sagetech Machinery Limited’s vertical panel saws the sheets are fully supported on the inclined frame with long edge mounted and lower supports, making cutting easier and more accurate. Other features of our machines include the bevel cutting and the ability to control the depth of the cut with some machines capable of a 70mm depth.

Desktop Engraving Made Simple And Safe

Also, in the Sagetech range is our desktop engraver. The engraver is easy enough to be used by the most inexperienced but with capabilities that would interest even the most experienced in CNC routing. Capable of making a range of products from novelty personalised gifts to mould making for manufacturing and engineering our desktop engraver  makes the most of the offcuts that are produced when cutting materials down to size. Our desktop CNC router is suitable for woodworking projects as well as EVA foam, Styrofoam, modelling wax, plastic, soft metal, acrylic and ABS lathophane. It’s able to carve products like tooling boards, toolboxes, sculptures or icons and miscellaneous artworks and has also been featured teaching equipment in various high schools, colleges and universities worldwide. Our machinery is changing the way schools and businesses approach desktop engraving, making it simpler, safer, and more cost effective than ever before.

Quality Industrial Woodworking Machinery Is Part Of The Sagetech Package From Sagetech Machinery Limited

At Sagetech Machinery Limited, all our Industrial woodworking machinery come with the same package. We operate across the UK and abroad. With all machines purchased in the UK, our expert team personally deliver the product to ensure it arrives in excellent condition. Once there our engineers install the wall saw, so you don’t have to worry about assembling yourself. They thoroughly test and inspect the wall saw to ensure it is in full working order. They then give expert training in the correct use and care of the machine to help you achieve the best results. With brand new machines, Sagetech Machinery Limited offers a 12 months warranty and the Festool portable saw, which comes with the majority of our vertical panel saws, comes with a 3-year warranty.  Customer satisfaction is important to us and we want your machine to help your business increase its productivity, and so we make sure you are offered the machine and package that best suits you. Learn more by giving us a call on +44 (0)191 691 3044 or visiting our website today.