Super Deduction 130% Capital Allowance

Budget 202 Superdeduction

For expenditure incurred from 1 April 2021 until the end of March 2023, companies can claim 130% capital allowances on qualifying plant and machinery investments. ·

> Under the super-deduction, for every pound a company invests, their taxes are cut by up to 25p.

>This change makes the UK’s capital allowance regime more internationally competitivelifting the net present value of our plant and machinery allowances from 30th in the OECD to 1st.

What is plant and machinery?

Most tangible capital assets used in the course of a business are considered plant and machinery for the purposes of claiming capital allowances.

There is not an exhaustive list of plant and machinery assets. The kinds of assets which may qualify for either the super-deduction or the 50% FYA include, but are not limited to:

· Solar panels

· Computer equipment and servers

· Tractors, lorries, vans

· Ladders, drills, cranes

· Office chairs and desks,

· Electric vehicle charge points

· Refrigeration units

· Compressors

· Foundry equipment

A new 130% first-year capital allowance for qualifying plant and machinery assets; and a 50% first-year allowance for qualifying special rate assets.
From 1 April 2021 until 31 March 2023, companies investing in qualifying new plant and machinery assets will be able to claim:

> a 130% super-deduction capital allowance on qualifying plant and machinery investments a 50% first-year allowance for qualifying special rate assets

The super-deduction will allow companies to cut their tax bill by up to 25p for every £1 they invest, ensuring the UK capital allowances regime is amongst the world’s most competitive.

The government has offered unprecedented support for businesses during Covid. Even so, pandemic-related economic shocks and the accompanying uncertainty have chilled business investment. This super-deduction will encourage firms to invest in productivity-enhancing plant and machinery assets that will help them grow, and to make those investments now.

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Back to Business

Back to Business

After recent changes from the UK Government withregard to Covid19, we are pleased to announce that after a number of months of being closed and being in lockdown, we are beginning the staged process of returning to work.  We have amended our working pattern and opening hours, however we are available on email at [email protected] or to call on 01916913044.

We have spent some time, putting new policies and procedures in place, in line with Coronavirus guidelines to ensure that our staff and customers remain safe at all times and that we can carry out contact free delivery, installation, training and servicing. Our main priority has always and will continue to be the safety of our staff and our customers.

Our staff are instructed to work from home where possible and will only enter the office to prepare our machines for delivery. New measures have been put in place for when staff are working out of the office to ensure that full social distancingis in place and that hygiene guidelines are followed.
We have also made it a company requirement for staff to wear PPE when attending a customer’s premises for delivery, installation, training or servicing. We request that upon delivery of a machine, the customer opens any relevant doors/shutters/unit and ensures they are as a minimum 2m away from our delivery team, or go inside until they are finished. Our delivery team will be wearing PPE, face masks and gloves to deliver.

The safety of our staff and customers is our number one priority and while we have implemented our own measures, we will also endeavor to support our customers with any procedures and policies they have in place. 

We thank all our customers for their support during this period and look forward to providing your machinery, safely, in the coming months.
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Why Vertical Panel Saw’s are vital for small businesses post Covid19.

Why Vertical Panel Saw’s are vital for small businesses post Covid19.

From March 23rd 2020, the business world changed forever. Business owners were thrust into a situation that until it happened, could never have been predicted or prepared for. They were forced to close their doors, some not knowing whether they would ever open them again, while others tried to work within their measures, with limited staff.

Since returning to work, we have seen many businesses struggle with closed or delayed supply chains. These businesses have made a decision to bring their supply chain in house by purchasing a Vertical Panel Saw. This gives them more control, reliability and security over their supply chain and ensures they can have their materials cut on demand when their suppliers are closed or working at reduced capacity.

Purchasing a Vertical Panel Saw ensures your business has a reliable piece of machinery that can cut various types of material on one machine. An all encompassed machine will see you through the coming months and ensures your supply chain is reliable, when you now need it the most and will support you in moving your business forward. The most relevant benefit of our Vertical Panel Saw is that they only require one person to operate the machine, meaning that whether you work on your own, or need to furlough staff, you only need one person available to continue working.

Since lockdown measures have been eased, we have delivered machines to the NHS and seen returning customers upgrading their previous Vertical Panel Saws for more up to date equipment, after being so impressed by their first and second machines from us.

If you have been thinking of a vertical panel saw, get in touch with the team to see which new and approved used machines we have available to ensure you can hit the ground running and reduce limitations, Post Covid19.

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Bounceback Loans launched to support Corona affected Businesses to grow after lockdown.

Bounceback Loans launched to support Corona affected Businesses to grow after lockdown.

Covid19 has caused interruption to many business’s over the last 4 months. Since returning to work, we have found multiple businesses’s using this down time to reflect on their business, plan for the future and in turn re-investing in the machinery that is required to re-open and hit the ground running with one less limitation.

On the 27th of April, Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced the Bounceback Loan schemes to help small business survive during this period of uncertainty. In comparison to a standard loan often used to finance machinery prior to Covid19, a bounce back loan offers a 2.5% interest rate against an average of 7.9% from a high street bank.

The versatility of a BBL, allows for a cash injection to ensure security and investment in the wake of this global pandemic. Unlike finance agreements, taking a BBL gives the flexibility to the business. With business’s able to borrow up to £50,000, the funds can be used for a multitude of investment such as growth, staff, product development and research, training, diversification and machinery.

With a low interest rate of only 2.5% and nothing to pay for the first 12 months, Sagetech Machinery Vertical Panel Saw would have paid off its initial cost, before the first payment leaves your bank.

During lockdown, we have heard many stories of our customers having the demand to remain open and profitable but have had to turn work down due to closures and blockages in their supply chain. The unreliability of a supply chain in this situation means that it is more important than ever to bring as many elements of your supply chain in house, allowing full control of your work schedule.

Purchasing a Sagetech Machinery Vertical Panel Saw will allow you to bring your sheet cutting inhouse whilst adding a depreciable asset to your business, reducing your corporation tax and giving you reassurance and security to bounce your business back after the pandemic.

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Statement On Coronavirus (COVID-19)

 Sagetech Machinery Limited General Statement On Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the rising concerns surrounding the Corona Virus outbreak, we deemed it appropriate to make a statement.

Sagetech Machinery is closely monitoring the recent developments in the Corona Virus breakout within the UK. During this time, we are committed to maintaining our high levels of service and protecting the health and safety of our employees and customers. The health and wellbeing of our customers and staff is our number one priority. Therefore we have put extra procedures in place to help protect against the spread of Covid-19, whilst ensuring that we continue to operate as normal as possible.

We will continue to monitor and react to the Government and Health Organisation guidelines to allow us to operate as normal with a few extra precautions. We will endeavour to maintain the high standards we work to.  Up to now all of our operational processes have been completed without issue and we expect this to continue. We currently have good levels of stock and plan to continue to manufacture and install machines following all Government & Health guidelines. We will monitor the situation daily. If you need to discuss your machinery needs during this difficult period we are here to help. Please contact us on [email protected]

We would like to wish all our customers the best of health.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our team on 01916913044

To follow the governments latest updates in relation to Corona Virus please visit this link:

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We are pleased to announce that we at SAGETECH MACHINERY will be exhibiting at MAKERS CENTRAL 2019 at the NEC BIRMINGHAM on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May. Our stand is P71 and we will be showcasing some of our DESKTOP ENGRAVER machines. Come along and chat to some of the team to discuss your ENGRAVING needs and VERTICAL PANEL SAW needs.
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The award goes to …. Sagetech Machinery

Sagetech Machinery win award for Best Product for Personalisation awarded by Trophex 2019.

After establishing Sagetech Machinery in 2016, it comes as no surprise to hear that Sagetech Machinery have won their first award. Presented to them at the Trophex Exhibition, held at Sandown Park in January, the Sagetech Team were awarded Best Product for Personalisation for their Desktop Engraver which was on display and demonstrated at the show. The award which was voted for by attendees at the event came as a huge surprise to the team at Sagetech, who only launched their engraver at the W18 exhibition in October 2018.

Commercial Director Sophie Williams exclaims “We are so honored to have received this award. We spent a lot of time and energy in researching our Engraver, to ensure we had a product that filled a gap in the market. There are so many other great products out there for personalization that we didn’t expect to get nominated for the award, let alone win. It’s great to have been acknowledged for the hard work that our team has put in and show that it has all paid off”.


The family ran business, Sagetech Machinery are more well known for their British Made, Vertical Panel Saws which are sold around the UK and overseas. In 2018, Managing Director Craig Williams, decided to undertake research to support the production of a new Desktop Engraver that could support the clients of their Vertical Panel Saws who had given him feedback on requiring a product that could utilize their offcuts. Craig continues “I was receiving feedback from clients who owned our Vertical Panel Saws that they were wasting their offcuts and were looking for a machine that could allow them to turn their offcuts into a new revenue stream. After thorough research, we decided on our Desktop Engraver, which allows for a range of materials and sizes to be engraved onto and with exceptional accuracy”.

In preparation for attendance at the Trophex Exhibition, the team had prepared various items to show case the potential of the desktop engraver, with its fine detail for cutting, etching and engraving onto a variety of material. They took along a variety of personalised products, made out of different materials, such as MDF, Ply, Bamboo Coasters, Acrylic, glass and metal to mention a few. Obviously, visitors were impressed with the array of items on display and voted in abundance for the Desktop Engraver to win the Best Product for Personalisation Award.


With this award leading onto an excellent start to 2019, we are excited to see what else is in store for Sagetech Machinery this year.

Sagetech Machinery to exhibit at EuroTrophex in Berlin

Sagetech Machinery are the UK’s premiere Manufacturer of Vertical Panel Saw’s, Desktop Engravers and 3D Printers. This is Sagetech Machinery’s first time of exhibiting at Euro-Trophex and will be looking to speak with likeminded organisations to work together and promote their range of machines on an international scale. Sagetech Machinery currently deliver their Vertical Panel Saws within the UK and with a large increase in sales overseas will be utilising their stand at Euro-Trophex to build relationships with organisations to promote their Vertical Panel Saws and other machines into the European market.Following on from a string of exhibitions,
Sagetech Machinery will be finishing their exhibition season at Euro-Trophex. Managing Director Craig Williams will be on the stand at the exhibition to speak with attendees interested in purchasing a vertical panel saw, but also to expand their re-seller network throughout Europe. Craig tells us “Our Vertical Panel Saws are incredibly popular in the UK and over the last two years we have had increased demand to ship our machines throughout
Europe. We have introduced a European re-seller network which has allowed us to work closely with
our representatives and international clients. Our focus for 2018 is to continue building and
developing trust in Europe and creating a strong re-seller network where both organisations can
W18 Exhibition
Sagetech Machinery’s most popular European Vertical Panel Saw is their KoolKut KF range. The KF
models have proven to be a popular piece of equipment not only throughout the UK but also within
Europe and the USA. These Saws have been designed to be able to cut down all standard sheet sizes
and as the machines come inclusive of a Festool TS75, it gives up to a 50mm cut which is much
deeper than some of their other models. Managing Director Craig Williams explains “I believe the
reason this machine is so popular is due to its ability to cope with most industry demands and cut
the majority of materials that are required from our market such as Aluminium, Woods, MDF,
Dibond, Foamex, Corex, Plywood, Acrylics, Veneered board and MFC material. We pride ourselves
on manufacturing high quality machines that keep an attractive and affordable price tag. For those
wanting to utilise their offcuts, these materials can then also be used on our newly released Desktop
CNC Engraver”.
The Desktop Engraver has recently been launched by Sagetech Machinery at the W18 exhibition and
has been designed to complement their KF machines. The Desktop CNC Engraver is a space saving
engraver with an enclosed hood which is driven by the Vetric system. This allows for users of the
Vertical Panel Saws to utilise their off cuts, by reducing waste and gaining an additional revenue
stream which allows for the off cuts to be personalised and used on future projects.

A Season of Exhibitions

Following the Summer period Sagetech Machinery will be busy preparing for a season of exhibitions to include W18 Joinery and Furniture Manuafacturing Show and Euro Trophex aimed at Trophy, Awards, Engraving and Personalisation Industry. During the Spring, we exhibited at smaller more regional business shows to promote our brand and range of machinery with local businesses with an aim of growing our local network. From September at the larger national and international shows, the focus will be more industry targeted, where our team will be exhibiting alongside other suppliers and manufacturers from the industry.

Starting on 30th September to 3rd October, W Exhibition is the leading furniture and joinery event in the UK and attracts over 10,000 visitors. Held every two years, at Birmingham NEC, leading companies will be showcasing the latest products and developments. Sagetech Machinery have been exhibiting here for many years and we are looking forward to demonstrating how our products have developed over the years with the introduction of new materials and hardware to improve performance. We will be demonstrating from our range of panel saws the Zapkut ZM and Koolkut KF, introducing new lines of machinery and we will be launching and demonstrating our Desktop CNC Engraver.

Euro Trophex is Europe’s largest Trophy, Awards, Engraving and Personalisation Event and has previously been held in Amsterdam. Held over two days the 3rd and 4th November, this year it will take place at the Estrel Congress Center in Berlin, Europe’s largest hotel, congress and entertainment centre. The move has taken place to allow for the growing demand on this event from both visitors and exhibitors.  This will be Sagetech Machinery’s first European show and is an excellent way for us to respond to enquiries from Europe as this popular event is attended by companies and visitors from over 70 countries. It will give us the opportunity to meet up with some of our international re-sellers and potentially meet with some new ones, expanding the availability of Sagetech’s products across Europe and beyond. Like W18 this will be a great platform for us to be able to launch our Desktop CNC Engraver. We will be able to demonstrate how off-cuts, saved from using our Vertical Panel Saws can be utilised to make creative and useful items, helping organisations to care for the environment and turn what would usually be wasted into cash.

Why not contact our team to pre-book an appointment at one of the shows? call us on 0191 6913044 or email [email protected]

Trend Routing Partnership

Sagetech Machinery Partner With Trend

We are very excited to announce that we are now working in partnership with Trend Routing Technology and are now an official authorised dealer for their whole range of products.

Trend paid a visit to our unit to help set up our Trend stand in our showroom.

We will be showcasing a selection of Trend’s products in our show room at Chilton Industrial Estate, Durham. Alongside the Trend products, you can also view our Festool stand, Desktop Engraver and demo a Vertical Panel Saw.

Trend offer a wide range of products, ranging from router cutter ranges, router accessories, power tools, safety products, spindle tools, saw & biscuit blades, drilling accessories and more.

Trend products aim to enhance applications such as home woodworking, kitchen fitting, door hanging, plastics tooling, composite tooling, solid surface tooling to name a few. Trend are also always looking to innovate with new products, such as the new Air Stealth maskDoor Skate, multiple new Router Tables and more!

Our very own Trend Routing stand in our showroom.

We are glad to be in partnership with Trend Routing Technology and we are excited about the future of Sagetech Machinery as we continue to expand and grow.