Sagetech Machinery to exhibit at EuroTrophex in Berlin

October 15 2018
Sagetech Machinery are the UK’s premiere Manufacturer of Vertical Panel Saw’s, Desktop Engravers and 3D Printers. This is Sagetech Machinery’s first time of exhibiting at Euro-Trophex and will be looking to speak with likeminded organisations to work together and promote their range of machines on an international scale. Sagetech Machinery currently deliver their Vertical Panel Saws within the UK and with a large increase in sales overseas will be utilising their stand at Euro-Trophex to build relationships with organisations to promote their Vertical Panel Saws and other machines into the European market.Following on from a string of exhibitions,
Sagetech Machinery will be finishing their exhibition season at Euro-Trophex. Managing Director Craig Williams will be on the stand at the exhibition to speak with attendees interested in purchasing a vertical panel saw, but also to expand their re-seller network throughout Europe. Craig tells us “Our Vertical Panel Saws are incredibly popular in the UK and over the last two years we have had increased demand to ship our machines throughout
Europe. We have introduced a European re-seller network which has allowed us to work closely with
our representatives and international clients. Our focus for 2018 is to continue building and
developing trust in Europe and creating a strong re-seller network where both organisations can
W18 Exhibition
Sagetech Machinery’s most popular European Vertical Panel Saw is their KoolKut KF range. The KF
models have proven to be a popular piece of equipment not only throughout the UK but also within
Europe and the USA. These Saws have been designed to be able to cut down all standard sheet sizes
and as the machines come inclusive of a Festool TS75, it gives up to a 50mm cut which is much
deeper than some of their other models. Managing Director Craig Williams explains “I believe the
reason this machine is so popular is due to its ability to cope with most industry demands and cut
the majority of materials that are required from our market such as Aluminium, Woods, MDF,
Dibond, Foamex, Corex, Plywood, Acrylics, Veneered board and MFC material. We pride ourselves
on manufacturing high quality machines that keep an attractive and affordable price tag. For those
wanting to utilise their offcuts, these materials can then also be used on our newly released Desktop
CNC Engraver”.
The Desktop Engraver has recently been launched by Sagetech Machinery at the W18 exhibition and
has been designed to complement their KF machines. The Desktop CNC Engraver is a space saving
engraver with an enclosed hood which is driven by the Vetric system. This allows for users of the
Vertical Panel Saws to utilise their off cuts, by reducing waste and gaining an additional revenue
stream which allows for the off cuts to be personalised and used on future projects.