Why Vertical Panel Saw’s are vital for small businesses post Covid19.

September 10 2020

Why Vertical Panel Saw’s are vital for small businesses post Covid19.

From March 23rd 2020, the business world changed forever. Business owners were thrust into a situation that until it happened, could never have been predicted or prepared for. They were forced to close their doors, some not knowing whether they would ever open them again, while others tried to work within their measures, with limited staff.

Since returning to work, we have seen many businesses struggle with closed or delayed supply chains. These businesses have made a decision to bring their supply chain in house by purchasing a Vertical Panel Saw. This gives them more control, reliability and security over their supply chain and ensures they can have their materials cut on demand when their suppliers are closed or working at reduced capacity.

Purchasing a Vertical Panel Saw ensures your business has a reliable piece of machinery that can cut various types of material on one machine. An all encompassed machine will see you through the coming months and ensures your supply chain is reliable, when you now need it the most and will support you in moving your business forward. The most relevant benefit of our Vertical Panel Saw is that they only require one person to operate the machine, meaning that whether you work on your own, or need to furlough staff, you only need one person available to continue working.

Since lockdown measures have been eased, we have delivered machines to the NHS and seen returning customers upgrading their previous Vertical Panel Saws for more up to date equipment, after being so impressed by their first and second machines from us.

If you have been thinking of a vertical panel saw, get in touch with the team to see which new and approved used machines we have available to ensure you can hit the ground running and reduce limitations, Post Covid19.

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