Striebig Panel Saw And Competitive Alternatives

Striebig Panel Saw, probably the closest competitor for Sagetech and for our Techkut TK41. With our 20 years’ experience in the manufacturing of British vertical panel saws, we believe we have developed industrial woodcutting machinery to rival Striebig, but at a highly competitive price. At Sagetech Machinery Limited, we are continuously striving towards the creation of high-quality wall saws with advanced technology and precise cutting capabilities. With customer satisfaction our number one priority, Sagetech Machinery Limited have proven ourselves both here in the UK and abroad. We believe in building a relationship with our customers and providing industrial woodworking machinery that helps their business to grow.

Safer Industrial Focused Woodworking Machinery

Over the years, more and more businesses are turning to the use of a vertical panel saw to replace their old cutting methods. One of the reasons being the lack of space available in workshops, but there are many benefits in choosing this method, the ease and speed of use, the accuracy and the reduction in waste and importantly, the safety and environmental factors that are associated with industrial woodworking machines. The structure of Sagetech’s or the Striebig panel saw mean that sheets no longer have to be lifted and handled onto a table and passed via the saw blade, they are simply lifted onto the structure which holds the sheet in place, the blade is encased which means that there is no chance of injury. Sagetech Machinery Limited’s machines offer a real alternative to any Striebig panel saw for sale. It involves a two-handed operation, so hands are well away from being near to the blade. Machines cannot be left running unattended, as on release of the controls, the blade immediately retracts back into the guard, and electronic braking stops the motor in under 3 seconds.
Striebig Panel Saw

Sagetech’s Techkut TK41 Compared To Striebig Panel Saw Price And Performance

The Techkut TK41 is a visually stunning piece of machinery that compares positively with a Striebig panel saw price and performance wise; with an advanced technology and robust structure, making cutting requirements effortless and precise. Like any used Striebig panel saw for sale, the Techkut TK41 has a digital readout system enabling the operator to accurately measure small and large panels both horizontally and vertically, whilst the folding shelf system allows parts of all sizes to be cut with ease. Its 2-blade system allows you to cut and score safely avoiding panel breakages. The panel is protected from damages during operations due to its precision carriage system. The high-quality load bearing rollers equipped with double bearings helps the panel to travel on the machine easily and safely. The TK41 boasts an extra dust extraction unit integrated on the right side of the machine keeping the dust emission is at the lowest level, allowing the operator to work in a cleaner and healthier environment! The TK is built and designed for larger industries with cutting requirements of up to 150 sheets per week, with its vast cutting area of 4100mm x 2200mm allowing for large sheet cutting and cutting depth of 60mm.

For A Striebig Panel Saw Alternative To Suit All Sizes, Visit Sagetech Machinery Limited

Also available in the Sagetech Range of vertical panel saws are the Zapkut series suitable for smaller businesses and the Koolkut series, which is suitable for small to medium and industrial size organisations. Both the Zapkut and Koolkut come in a range sizes and are ideal for woodworkers, sign makers, kitchen and bathroom fitters, shop fitters, or educational establishments. These Striebig panel saw alternatives work easily with a range of materials including wood, MDF, Dibond, Plywood, Acrylics, Foamex, Corex, and aluminium. All our vertical panel saws are competitively priced come with the same package and warranty, and businesses can ease their cash flow with our finance options. For more information, visit our website or call us on +44 (0)191 691 3044.