Students visited Spain to represent Sagetech Machinery

October 02 2018

Earlier this year nine young people from Official New College Durham visited Cámarabilbao University Business School in Bilbao for the Trade Mission event, representing and promoting two UK firms, saw manufacturer, Sagetech Machinery, and Darlington based, family-run ice cream parlour, Archer’s Ice Cream.

Neil White, business management curriculum manager, said:

“The trip was a marvellous opportunity for a collaboration between New College Durham and a well known company such as Sagetech machinery.

The students were part of a trade mission to market and promote company’s is a designated target market. In this case it was Bilbao. Previous years students have been to Budapest, Istanbul, and Mexico.

The student’s had to target companies already in Bilbao and invite them to the trade mission. These were then followed up with personal visits and emails to find out if these businesses were interested in engaging in further contact”.


 These students learnt promotion, networking and negotiating skills as well as making new friends.

We would like to thank the students for choosing to showcase Sagetech Machinery on their trip.