Sagetech Machinery supports Endeavour Woodcraft CIC

October 03 2018

At Sagetech machinery we are committed to supporting local community and as part of our commitment we visited Endeavour Woodcrafts in Ferryhill.

Endeavour is a project that provide a day service for adults with learning disabilities or mental health issues. They provide training in woodwork and crafts and then sell their produce.

They make a range of items from reclaimed wood that would otherwise have been incinerated and recycle it into benches that they then supply to the woodland trust. They also make playground equipment for local schools such as decorations and reading shelters which allow children to read outdoors whilst the structures keep the children and the books dry. In their onsite shop which is open two days a week they stock a range of planters and decorative items made and decorated on site. This additional service helps the group to learn communication skills working with the public.

The Endeavour worshop

At present there are several clients that have been attending the organisation for many years, some attending daily. Endeavour offer a positive, friendly and safe environment for its clients to help them to thrive as individuals. They occupy the old fire station in Ferryhill which needs some updating. They have a busy workshop and production room as well as room for other activities. They receive some funding from the local AAP, 4 Together Partnership, however they need new accessible toilets that will allow them to support clients in wheelchairs. They are currently fundraising to help them adapt their current facilities.

You can find out more about them at their Facebook page or to donate visit their Just Giving page


Regular clients appreciate any support given.