TECHKUT Case Study 1

Company Name: Think BDW  

What do they do? Think BDW are the UK’s leading property marketing company with offices in London and Colchester. Alongside property marketing, they provide a complete marketing, advertising and communications portfolio;  from strategy to execution, all in-house. Aside from property marketing, they also cover all industries and sectors including automotive, finance and leisure. They claim, we just love being creative!

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? The contact for BDW had been searching for a vertical wall saw on google when he came across the Sagetech Machinery website and decided to get in touch to discuss their requirements.

Why did they decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw? The contact for ThinkBDW, Clint, initially looked into a ZapKut ZM machine as he wanted to bring his sheet cutting in house, as they were spending a lot on outsourcing.  After speaking with the Sagetech Machinery team, they realized that the ZapKut range wouldn’t have been able to manage their workload and instead they began discussing Sagetech Machinery’s new three phase range of vertical wall saw, The Techkut. The Techkut TK16 would allow ThinkBDW to have full working capacity at all times and with the price and package that was put in place for them, meant it was it was an offer they couldn’t refuse when compared to a Streibig Panel Saw.

How did they find the sales and installation process? BRILLIANT!!!  They communicated with Mark all the way through their process and he discussed all of the models with them. It took them a while to decide on which model of vertical wall saw would be most appropriate but Mark was patient all throughout. 

The delivery process was extremely smooth sailing, ensuring that the machine was delivered on the right type of lorry for the size of the machine and that it was unloaded efficiently. They felt that the install was fantastic. The engineer arrived and did all of the installation ensuring that it was in perfect working order and then took all of the team through a detailed training session so they could start using the machine straight away.

How has a Vertical Saw benefitted them and their business? They now have full control over their in house production for their paneling. This allows them to be more efficient with build time on their jobs and helps to keep them on top of their expanding workload.