TECHKUT Case Study 3

Smart Systems expand on innovative designing with the Techkut 16

Company Name; Smart Systems  

What do they do? Smart systems are The UK’s leading supplier of aluminum glazing systems and bespoke aluminum extrusions, building a reputation both for the quality of their products and for their product innovation, design and technical expertise. Their products and systems are proven in a wide range of new-build and refurbishment projects throughout the UK, spanning the complete range of architectural, commercial, public, new-build and retail applications.

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? After realising that Smart Systems needed to purchase a vertical wall saw, they took to Google to investigate was available and came across the Sagetech Machinery website.

Why did they decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw? They established that they would needa vertical wall saw for their new manufacturing building that they would be moving into. The concept of a vertical wall saw would allow them to maximise space in their unit and allow them to be in production. After looking at other options such as the Streibig Wall Saw and Holzer wall saw, they realised that the overall package they would receive from Sagetech Machinery for the Techkut TK16, would be a lot easier on their budget but without losing the important features that they wanted from their vertical wall saw.

How did they find the sales and installation process? Excellent! It was the Managing Director that made the initial enquiry for Smart Systems. After the first contact was made it was passed onto a team member who would be working with the machine directly. The Sagetech machinery team worked closely with the team from Smart Systems to answer all of their questions and ensure they were purchasing the most efficient vertical wall saw for them.

The delivery and installation process was smooth and faultless. The machine arrived safely and the engineer was on site the next day to start on the installation and training. 
How has a Vertical Saw benefitted them and their business? The machine has allowed Smart Systems to work with their materials and maximize floor space. “The machine is excellent and so easy for our team to use”. Smart Systems.