Coulthards improve their Health

Farm owner Coulthards improve their Health with a KK Vertical Panel Saw.

Coulthards is a working farm in Wales. Owner David Coulthard was looking for machinery for carrying out general farm building maintenance and required a safe and manageable cutting system that could be handled by one person on their own. An additional to their farming, Coulthards also manufacture items made from wood to sell such as bedding planters and they needed something that would make the cutting fast and accurate.

The Sagetech Machinery team had in-depth conversations with Coulthards to ensure that they were receiving the right machine for their requirements but within the budget that they had available. They decided to invest in an approve used Koolkut KK Vertical Panel Saw.

The Koolkut KK range comes in three sizes. The KK range starts with the KK12for cutting 8’ x 4’ sheets 2500 x 1220 mm, KK16 for cutting 10’ x 5’ sheets 3100 x 1600 mm and the KK21 for cutting 3m x 2m sheets 3100 x 2100 mm. They all have the same cutting capacity of up to 150 sheets per week and a cutting depth of upto 50- 70mm.

“As a one-man band sizing large panels was difficult and time consuming and I was concerned about my health. Being able to lift a panel onto the frame means I can make cuts safely without worrying about my back”.

Sagetech Machinery have a range of  approved used vertical panel saws available which are subject to a thorough testing by our engineers. Sagetech Machinery would not sell on a used machine unless they were confident that it had a substantial working life and had passed all of their internal check. All our approved used machines come with a full delivery, installation and training service.