Signs Express Lincoln invest in ZapKut ZM16

Signs Express Lincoln invest in ZapKut ZM16

Company Name: Signs Express Lincoln

What do they do? Signs Express Lincoln are a Signs Express franchise which specializes in vehicle graphics and sign making. They established themselves in 1996 and pride themselves on their “can do” business attitude.  As sign makers, they supply vehicle graphics, exterior signs, interior signs, window graphics, exhibition displays to name a few into various different businesses. They provide a lot of shop signs, school and college signage, promotional displays and exhibition signage and are aiming to be Lincoln’s favorite sign company.

Where did they hear about Sagetech Machinery? Signs Express Lincoln had known about Sagetech Machinery for many years, having come across them previous times in the past and meeting the team at the Sign and Digital Exhibition. As Sagetech Machinery were already an approved supplier of the Signs Express Franchise, when they wanted to look into a Vertical Panel Saw, they knew these were the guys to go to. 

Why did they decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw? They were previously having all of their sheet cutting done externally and had wanted to bring their cutting in house for quite some time. It had been at the back of their mind, continuously coming back into the picture but there was always something that would crop up and cause them to hold off. Eventually, because they were getting busier, their sheet cutting was becoming more intense so they decided to move units and make the investment, allowing them to gain control of everything and have the new machine in place for when the new unit was ready.

How did they find the sales and installation process? Everything was so simple and professional. Signs Express Lincoln had been in touch with some of the team on multiple occasions and when they received information of a BLACK FRIDAY promotion, they made the decision to purchase the ZapKut ZM16. The promotion included delivery, installation and training and although they weren’t ready to have the machine installed until the new unit was available in the New Year, the team were more than happy to secure the machine and deliver after Christmas. The installation and training was a great addition and very smooth allowing them to use the new machine to it’s full potential.

How has a Vertical Saw benefitted the business? Purchasing the ZapKut ZM16 has allowed Signs Express Lincoln to offer a complete in house service for signage by bringing our cutting in house. They have also been able to utilize their offcuts for smaller signage and plaques which they couldn’t have done previously.