Out with the old in with a NEW Koolkut Vertical Panel Saw

April 05 2023

Company Name: Avanti Conveyors 

What do you do? 

The company was established in 2007, and over the past decade we have built up a team with the comprehensive range of skills and experience needed to meet the conveyor needs of organisations of all sizes. Handling projects from concept to completion, our objective is to provide clients with innovative, efficient and cost-effective conveyor solutions, coupled with outstanding service that is both flexible and accommodating. We can deliver comprehensive turnkey systems for manufacturers across many sectors including packaging, warehousing, clothing, food processing, cosmetics, automotive and engineering.

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?

Just from Google searching for a panel saw really 

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?

We had a very old vertical panel saw. It was coming to the stage where we were throwing money at it for ongoing repairs to keep it going so enough was enough it was time to invest in a new vertical panel saw

How did you find the sales and installation process?

Really easy to be honest. The team discussed the various models. Asking what materials and sheet sizes we were working with but also our work demands. After this we discussed a couple of options and decided to go with the robust Koolkut machine. The guys installed the machine quickly and the engineer did the final steps and training

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business ?

Much better for reliability compared to our old saw. Now I can confidently know the machine is going to be working and not wondering if its going to fail on us mid job like the old machine we had. This has allowed us to keep to our deadline for customer orders!