Saving up to purchase a Koolkut Vertical Panel Saw

April 05 2023

Company Name:  AWT International

What do you do? 

AWT International is a leading material handling equipment supplier based in Radcliffe, Manchester, UK. We stock a range of products including glass stillages, A frame trolleys, racks and tables, optimisation trolleys and much more. With many years of material handling experience, AWT International has an unrivaled amount of knowledge in the material handling industry. AWT’s product portfolio includes material handling equipment available at competitive prices and is made to order from our customers’ requirements. AWT International offers an unrivaled material handling equipment portfolio, including A frame trolleys and glass stillages which are customisable and built to last. 

Where did you hear about Sagetech Machinery?

I met the Sagetech guys at the W18 show a couple of years back. I often checked their website and kept up to date with their work for when I needed to buy a machine. 

Why did you decide to purchase a Vertical Panel Saw?

The time was right to buy the panel saw. We had been using a small chop saw and with our expanded growth we needed to invest in a better machine for our work demands.

How did you find the sales and installation process?

Choosing a machine was simple. I got a bargain from the approved used section on the website. The machine was delivered to us and left for the engineer to install. He was due to come on the Wednesday but popped in on Tuesday afternoon to start the installation of the machine. He finished up on the Wednesday and showed us how to use the machine and importantly keeping it cutting accurately.

How has a Vertical Saw benefited you and your business ?

We are now cutting our plywood sheets down accurately so I’ve less waste material! Also I’ve noticed that this Koolkut is a lot quicker for cutting that our previous set up – given the expanded growth and demand for our products this has been invaluable to me and my guys. The production time is quicker and we are completing orders quicker too.